‘Sustainable Fashion’ is a term that is widely prevalent in the consumer world. You would have probably heard this term at some point in your life. But what does sustainable fashion’ mean?

Sustainable Fashion is when fashion products (clothing, accessories etc.) are designed, manufactured, distributed, and used in ways which are eco-friendly or environmentally friendly. Wikipedia defines it as a process of cultivating a change in fashion products and the fashion system towards greater ecological integrity and social justice, which concerns more than addressing fashion textiles or products. Sustainable fashion involves the complete supply chain as well as the entire life cycle of a garment, from where and how it is produced to when it ends up in the dump.

One of the most important reasons behind the present unsustainable condition of the fashion industry is associated with the ephemeral features of fashion; new goods continuously streaming into the market, or what is commonly termed as fashion

Besides seeking profit and growth, the Fashion Industry has a clear opportunity to act differently by forming new values and deeper wealth for the society and therefore for the economy of the world. Sustainable fashion aims at building flourishing ecosystems and communities through its activity, which may involve boosting the value of local production and products; prolonging the lifecycle of materials; enhancing the value of timeless garments; cutting down on wastage; and reducing the damage to the environment, caused due to production and consumption.

Bhaili is a brand that supports the cause of sustainable fashion. It uses 100% natural fabrics. Synthetic fabrics are not only harmful for the skin, but also have an indirect adverse impact on our environment. Eliminating synthetic fabrics used in making clothes prevents harmful synthetics and microfibers from ending up in the natural environment.

A majority of the products at Bhaili are made on order, which is again an act that promotes sustainable fashion by encouraging slow fashion and cutting down on overproduction.

For end-users, slow fashion is when goods are designed, processed, and manufactured with greater amount of care and the final products are of a higher quality. Looking at it with the point of view for our environment, it means that the production is as per the demand of the customers, hence, removing industrial waste that results from following transient trends in slow fashion. Quality is assured foreach of Bhaili's products, prolonging their life, hence, increasing their value and reducing the amount of waste created that causes harm to our environment after getting dumped in the landfills.


Sustainable fashion is the responsibility of each and every citizen. The team at Bhaili is proud to be related to a brand that's analogous to sustainable fashion. With BHAILI, you can be proud be associated with an eco-friendly or an environmental friendly brand.